Lake Plan submitted to the Town as part of Official Plan Review

The lake plan for lakes Waseosa, Jessop, Ripple and Palette has been submitted to the Town of Huntsville as part of its Official Plan (OP) review. A Lake Plan is a document that can be incorporated into the OP, where it then provides additional guidance on land use direction. Such plans are "intended to identify, reflect and respond to the character and physical capabilities of particular lakes". Currently, lakes Vernon, Mary, Peninsula, Fairy and Menominee have approved lake plans. The LWRA lakes have had a member-approved lake plan since 2006, but this has never been reviewed by Council for the OP. The current version of our Plan, as updated to members over the past 18 months and reviewed again at the last LWRA AGM, has now been officially submitted to the Town as part of the current Official Plan review. The version submitted is identical to the version reviewed prior to and at the AGM, except for updates to reflect last summer's water quality testing. It is attached below. 

Lake_Plan_Update_v_Jan_4_16.pdf407.65 KB