2018 Candidates Positions on Lake Development

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With the municipal election soon upon us, the LWRA again approached all candidates and asked them to declare their views on the preservation and development of our lakes.  We specifically asked them to sign a pledge (attached below) to support what we believe are key points, and to return it by October 1st, 2018. We also encouraged them to add any additional comments they felt were appropriate.

Below are the results of that survey, together with a link to each candidate's response. Needless to say, we will update the list with any late responses when and if we receive them.

UPDATE: Highlighted names were elected to council

Candidates for Mayor (1 to be elected):

Resigned: Scott Aitchison (Incumbent)  DID NOT RESPOND

Appointed by Council as new Mayor: Karin Terziano  AGREED: KARIN'S RESPONSE


Candidates for Town and District Councillor (3 to be elected)
Nancy Alcock (Incumbent) -- AGREED: NANCY'S RESPONSE
Lillian Fraser --  DID NOT RESPOND
Bob Stone (currently Ward 1 Councillor) AGREED: BOB'S RESPONSE
Brian Thompson (Incumbent) AGREED: BRIAN'S RESPONSE

Candidates for Ward 1 (Huntsville) Councillor (1 to be elected)
Appointed as Mayor: Karin Terziano (Incumbent) (Acclaimed) AGREED: KARIN'S RESPONSE

Candidates for Ward 2 Councilor (Chaffey -- the Waseosa area) (1 to be elected) (This is the LWRA area)
Jonathan Wiebe (Incumbent) (Acclaimed) DID NOT RESPOND

Candidates for Wards 3,4,5 (Stisted, Stephenson and Port Sydney (2 to be elected)
Jason FitzGerald (Incumbent) AGREED: JASON'S RESPONSE
Dione Schumacher DID NOT RESPOND
Charles Wilson DECLINED (but with an alternative statement): CHARLES' RESPONSE

Candidates for Ward 6 (Brunel) (1 to be elected)
Daniel Armour (Incumbent) AGREED: DANIEL'S RESPONSE


Preservation and Development of Huntsville's Lakes

 The purpose of this statement is to allow voters to understand their candidates' views on the development and preservation of Huntsville's lakes. We are asking those running for office to indicate their agreement or non-agreement with the points below. We will publicize a summary of candidates' responses.

 I agree that:

 1) The lakes are an important economic, social, and environmental part of Huntsville and the District.

 2) Development will continue to take place on Huntsville's Lakes (including changes to existing dwellings and conversion of seasonal cottages to year round homes), as lake capacity and water quality allow.

 3) Development decisions must consider the potential impact on lake water quality, surrounding watersheds, surrounding lands, and the biodiversity of the area.

 4) Development should respect and follow

     a) The overall principles of the Huntsville Official Plan

     b) The Huntsville Comprehensive Zoning By-Law

     c) Lake Plans, which provide Council with guidance about unique circumstances, and which should be encouraged and incorporated into the Official Plan


 ·     New severances, when allowed, should have frontages consistent with the Comprehensive Zoning By-law, the Official Plan, and, where they exist, the Lake Plan

 ·     Setbacks for new buildings on lakes and waterways should be consistent with the Comprehensive Zoning By-law, the Official Plan, and, where they exist, the Lake Plan.

       All reasonable attempts should be made to retain the natural shorelines as much as possible. The proportion retained should be consistent with the Comprehensive Zoning By-law, the Official Plan, and, where they exist, the Lake Plan.

  ·     Development should be designed to maintain or improve water quality in the lakes and watersheds, and should follow the development guidelines for the shoreline buffer area that are set out in the Official Plan and, where they exist, the Lake Plan.

 ·     Development should be designed to maintain or improve the natural look of lakes and watersheds

 5) Development exceptions

    a) May be required in exceptional circumstances which are explicitly justified. A landowner's simple desire for an exception is not sufficient justification for an exception.

  ·     Council and its committees should strongly presume that existing regulations (e.g., the Comprehensive Zoning by-law and the Official Plan) should determine what is permissible.

    b) Should also reflect the interests of other landowners on the lake.

    c) Should consider compensatory requirements (e.g., larger setbacks from the shore compensating for a larger than permitted dwelling), where possible, to mitigate potential impact to lake water quality, watersheds, surrounding lands and biodiversity and natural look of environs.

 6) Revisions to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law should reflect the principles laid out in Sections 1 through 4, above.

 If elected in October 2018, I agree to follow these six principles in my decisions as a member of the Huntsville Council (and, where applicable, District Council) as well as all committees on which I might sit.







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