Boat Parade Winners 2020

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Thanks to all who participated -- either in the parade or cheering on the floats from ashore. By all reports, our socially-distanced Fun Day replacement event was a great success. You can see all the entries in the 2020 Boat Parade Photo Album.

But you probably know all that already, so without further ado ...

<insert drum roll here>

And the winners are:

Honourable mention to  the Dowlings, who not only decorated their boat, they also decorated their swim platform.


In the category of Funniest Float:

Runner up, and winner of a $40 Huntsville BIA gift certificate: Alligator chasing a canoe:

(it's hard to tell from this angle, but that's a hot-dog costume)


First place and winner of a $60 Huntsville BIA gift certificate, Dory towing a kayak:

(They were ready, come rain or shine!)



In the category of Cutest Float,

Runner up and winner of a $40 gift certificate, Grandfather and grandson in a kayak:

(Just look at that expression!)


First prize, winning a $60 gift certificate, Bubble Bath:

(She's using environmentally friendly bio-degradable soap)



And, in the category of Most Elaborate Float:

The runner-up and winner of a $40 gift certificate: Titanic.

(We hope this one finished it's maiden voyage!)


And finally, the winner of a $60 gift certificate for the Most Elaborate Float, "We are new here".

(The aliens have splash-landed!)




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