McCoy (Hamilton)

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Hi My name is Ellie Hamilton and i live here with my husband Al and my son Ryan (my daughter Erin now lives in Burksfalls.)

In 1939 my grandfather Edwin McCoy bought a log cabin on Ripple Lake from a man called Brownridge. At the time, Ripple Lake was called Deep Lake. Back then, there were only three families on the lake: The Spearn family The Heaney family and The McCoy family.

As our family got bigger he bought our place on Waseosa. There were only nine cottages on it.  Ripple had three and Palette had none. My uncle George was one of the founding members of Lake Waseosa cottagers Association. I also found out that Waseosa means "Lake of Shimmering Waters".

I have been comming up here for 56 years and have seen a lot of changes. I think the history project is great and I look forward to reading more about our lakes. Tell us what you know . I did - and had fun doing it. Thanks

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