Summer 2017

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Hello Lake Waseosa, Ripple, Jessop and Palette association members! It’s been a full year since we’ve published an newsletter, a lot has happened! Happy 2017, Happy 150 Canada (if you believe in that), Happy Summer!

Lake Association Board Members Needed

There has been a lot of change on the Board. Due to various factors, it’s time for turnover and we are in need of 4 new members, including a Treasurer Why would you want to join? Here are 4 great reasons:
1. We build community on the lake by offering 2 great events. The August long weekend Summer Fun Day and the September long weekend Corn Roast. Both are a fabulous way to meet your lake neighbours, facilitate the kids meeting other kids on the lakes, vesting in relationships that can ultimately build respect on the land and water.
2. Stay connected with the people and issues that affect the lakes. By being a Board member you’ll have first hand knowledge of proposals for development by the city of Huntsville as well as property owners.
3. By maintaining an association (6 Directors required) we can approach the Town of Huntsville if there are any concerns with water/road management or property development that would affect the enjoyment of others on the lake.
4. If we do not fill the 4 positions we will have to consider dissolving the Association or go into hiatus with no activities or communication . This is not an ideal solution so please consider joining the board to ensure that your LWRA continues to function on your behalf. Why should we want a Lake Association? By far, the most important of all are the Association’s social events that build cohesiveness and relationships on the lakes (Waseosa, Ripple, Jessop and Palette.) It is much easier to understand and discuss a person’s actions if a relationship first exists. It is good to give a very small amount of time to a place we cherish, with much to enjoy from the effort. Ideally we would like representatives from all 4 lakes, and especially at least one year round resident.


Due to timing and availability, we will be holding a very short AGM after Summer Fun Day Saturday August 5th to either establish the new Board or dissolve the present one. Please join us at the AGM to keep the LWRA operating. Any questions? Please contact Glen Norton or Katarina Simons via our contact page.

2017 Events

Summer Fun Day Saturday August 5th! Activities And Swim / Kayak / Canoe Races! Horseshoes! Tug-of-war! (Bring your boats and lifejackets) For kids of all ages and young-at-heart - all are welcome! 21 Cottage Lane - off North Waseosa Lake Road, 5km from Highway 11 Registration 12:00 pm, Games begin 12:30 Attention last year’s participants: Please bring back trophies and get ready to defend your title! Membership Dues will be collected during Fun Day

Corn Roast!
TBD - pending Board results

Benthic Testing
Results Last year we had a University of Waterloo student working with The District Municipality of Muskoka to test the health of Lake Waseosa. As has been the case in previous years we are in range of the cleanest lake in the Muskokas, but could improve upon our habits . Please consider being very diligent about using lake safe cleaners and soaps, and keeping toxic chemicals off the properties so they don’t seep into our waters. Given that annual testing is not required to determine lake health patterns, it has been suggested that we engage in testing every 3 to 4 years. The member turnout for picking bugs from the water samples for the last two years has been very low. As a result, a couple of the lake volunteers have had to dedicate the entire day to this activity. Stretching the testing to 3-4 year intervals will allow new life and interest grow so that more bodies can be recruited to make the day shorter and more enjoyable, and it should not have an appreciable impact on the health of the lake. You can contact Katarina if you would like to see the results of the 2016 study.

 Boat Licensing
Got your licence yet? Don’t miss out on all the fun! You can get it online at .

Watch your Wake!!
Large wakes close to shore can cause much damage and erosion to our shoreline, as well as a bumpy ride on human powered watercraft. Please be aware of your wake so that your enjoyment of the lake is also shared by your neighbours. Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the summer, hopefully August will be much warmer than July!


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