Local By-laws and Regulations

Noise By-law

One person's meat is another man's potatoes, as they say. So what one person considers reasonable noise might be considered a horrendous racket to another. In our society, we have laws to carefully balance the rights of one person against the rights of the others.

Dock, Boathouse and other Shoreline Construction

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Projects Near Water


If you are conducting a project near water, it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all applicable regulations. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Transport Canada all have overlapping responsibilities and sometimes conflicting requirements. The following is a composite of some of the most common issues that our members may face. 


The Dock Primer

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 Produced by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in association with Cottage Life               


Note: This is a web-freindly version. You can download a PDF version by clicking here .


Shoreline and Stewardship

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Confused by jargon like "litoral zone" and "eutrophic lakes"? This is a series of easy-to-understand articles and statements by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to help you live in harmony with your waterfront.

If you never read anything else on the subject, make sure you read "The Shore Primer".