Area History

Elaine's Personal Photos and Letters

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More photos!   I am the blonde one in the cabin photo, 2nd from the left. The photo of just me is leaving for Camp. We took the train from Union Station.  I remember our outfits.  Everyday was green shorts and yellow T-shirts, for dress we had tams and if it was cooler a green sweater, Sunday’s we wore all white.

McCoy (Hamilton)

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Hi My name is Ellie Hamilton and i live here with my husband Al and my son Ryan (my daughter Erin now lives in Burksfalls.)

In 1939 my grandfather Edwin McCoy bought a log cabin on Ripple Lake from a man called Brownridge. At the time, Ripple Lake was called Deep Lake. Back then, there were only three families on the lake: The Spearn family The Heaney family and The McCoy family.

At Pinecrest Cottage, the Weather Didn't Matter Much

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I was five and a half my first summer at Pinecrest Cottage. I am now 78 and I have spent at least some time there every summer.

The weather didn't seem to matter much -- if it rained we went to play pick-up sticks on Mrs. Hunt's veranda (Mrs. Hunts property is now were Jim and Zora Kightley have built their home). If it was cold, we huddled around the wood stove in the kitchen. (The fireplace smoked too much.) The kitchen was so small, four was a crowd. We could wash, dry and put dishes away without moving. If it was sunny we were usually in swimming.

Palette Lake -- A History

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Palette Lake is located in Chaffey Township, formerly known as the Municipal Corporation of the Township of Chaffey, on Lot 13 and part Lot 14 Concession 12 with the southern tip located on the northern portion of Lot 13 Concession 11. It is situated between North Waseosa Lake Road to the south, Hunts Road to the east and Ripple/Palette Lake Road to the west. Palette Lake is home to thirty-nine developed properties. Palette Lake has no public access. It is replenished through numerous springs in and around the lake and by two small tributaries from the hills to the southeast.

Murder Most Foul

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Old stories abound about a murder that took place on the west side of Waseosa. The location has been variously given as the Solave farm (the site of present-day Camp Huronda) or the Edwards home. There are varying recollections about the heinous details, even as to how many people were involved.

Jessop or Jessup?

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Once upon a time Jingo Lake Road circumnavigated Jingo Lake. This is clearly shown on an 1879 map of Chaffey Township as well as many resident's property deeds dating from the 1950s. So why is that lake now officially known as Jessop Lake? And is the correct spelling "Jessop" with an "o", or "Jessup" with a "u"? That same map shows two abutting land grants to a Jas. Jessop and a Robt. Jessop, respectively. These are located in the area of Jessup Lane, and in fact, it appears Jessup Lane may well mark the boundary between them -- but it's nowhere near Jessop Lake.

The Solway Farm

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Andrew Solway's (Jim's grandfather) often logged parcels of land for others around Clark Lake and the west side of Waseosa during the 1930's and 1940's. Once logged, the land was seen to have little remaining value and so was often offered as the payment for the logging services.  As time passed it came about that the Solway family ended up owning most of the west side of Waseosa from the Marsh (inflow from Clark Lake) all the way down to at least the property now owned by the West family. This would include the original Solway Farm.