Environmental Awareness

Why is the lake level so low this year?

A hot topic this year are the lake levels. Some are enjoying expanded beaches, but others are having trouble floating their boats. Some people are wondering if the lake levels are being tinkered with, but the truth is we have been experiencing a year long drought. Precipitation in Muskoka over the past 12 months is only 70% compared to the 30 year average, according to records collected at the Muskoka Airport.

Letter to Fire Department re: 76 Hunts Road

Dear Chief Hernen:

A number of our members have brought to our attention proposed training exercises slated to take place at 76 Hunts Road in Chaffey ward. As taxpayers and residents under your protection we recognize both the value of realistic live fire training for firefighters and the lure of frugal opportunities for such training, however, we have some serious concerns arising from our previous experience several years ago at 77 Cottage Lane.