Treasure Island Resident Caught on Film in Brazen Daylight Robbery!

Have you seen this thief?

The perpetrator is a bald eagle and described as mainly brown with a white head and tail and a large hooked beak.  

Police advise us that he is the prime suspect in a string of fish snatching robberies on Lake Waseosa. Here he is seen swooping in on another unsuspecting fisherman:

And here he is making his getaway. You can just make out the fish in his left talon.

This is all that remains of his ill-gotten booty. He seems to have a particular fondness for splake:

He is considered wild. Please do not approach him, but feel free to take more pictures and forward them on to us!

(NOTE: if you know where his nest or roost is, please contact us. The MNRF is interested.)

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