Morley Graves

Submitted by lwrawebmaster on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 12:48
Morley Graves
Morley Graves,  1939 - 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Morley Jack Graves, at 82 years young. Loving husband of Dorothy Wingfield Graves. Loving father to local residents Douglas and Shannon Graves, Janice Fraser, Karen Platt and Ken Platt.

Results of the LPAT hearing

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Attached, please find the ruling of the LPAT regarding the appeal filed by the owners, Barbara Rowland, Keith Ball and Gayle Gailits, against the Town of Huntsville Council ruling on Treasure Island. As you will read, the Tribunal adjudicator sided with the owners and gave them what they wanted. This is very discouraging for the LWRA as well as the Friends of Treasure Island.

Surviving Bear Encounters

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We live in bear country and sometimes we get to meet them nose-to-snout. Reports of encounters are becoming more common in this area. What to do if you encounter a bear?

contact your local police force or dial 911

TO REPORT BEAR PROBLEMS: contact the Bear Reporting Line at:
1-866-514-2327   (TTY) 705 945-7641

Lake Etiquette

Welcome to the lake!! How lucky you are to spend time on Waseosa, Pallet, Ripple or Jingo Lake.

We know you want to be a good neighbour and an active protector of our special environment.

To do this there are a few simple things you must know:

  •        what to do with your garbage
  •        how to get along with the neighbors
  •        how to have as little impact on the lake as possible yet still enjoy its simple pleasures